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What Makes A Good Photo Printer

Juni 21, 2010

Yes, if you’re looking for a good article about the photo printer, this might be that so far you wish to search. Here will be discussed in detail about it. This article was written by Erik Vlietinck. Let’s see ..

What makes a good photo printer? Do you need PictBridge? Is it really necessary to have a photo printer that will accept images from your PC? How many colours should the printer support? Which size of paper? Do you need different paper types? Everything depends on what you are going to do with your photo printer.

In this article I will specifically focus on quality elements, both in terms of mechanics and results. I carry with me an experience as a reviewer of high-end printers of over ten years. Let’s start with the quality of the components.

Photo printer quality

These days, you can buy an inkjet photo printer for less than 200 Euros. Although you always get quality in relation to what you pay, most inkjet photo printers –even the cheap ones– have a decent quality of build. (more…)


Why Using Compatible Printer Inks And Ink Refill Kits Is A Smart Consumer Choice

Maret 8, 2010

How can we save our money to buy a printer ink refill quality? This is a great alternative for those of you who often work with a printer to print the results of your work. There are several printers that can be refilled with compatible ink but there is also a must buy direct to the printer manufacturer for compatible ink no matches. Let’s look at an article on “Why Using Compatible Printer Inks And Ink Refill Kits Is A Smart Consumer Choice”, by Carla Weaffer

Many consumers make use of a consumer printer in addition to a personal computer for a number of reasons. With the purchase of a consumer printer also comes the need to purchase replacement printer ink cartridges as the ink runs out of the cartridge you are currently using. Replacement printer ink cartridges that are purchased from printer manufacturers can often cause quite an expense for consumers. Many manufacturer-made replacement printer ink cartridges can even surpass the purchase price of the printer they are used with. This is why buying compatible printer inks is a wise consumer choice. There are many ways why using compatible printer ink cartridges can be beneficial.

The main reason that using compatible printer ink cartridges and inkjet refill kits appeals to many consumers is that it will save you money. Individuals will find that more often than not a compatible printer ink cartridge will be less of an expense than the purchase a replacement printer ink cartridge from a printer manufacturer. Inkjet refill kits is also a great money saving option for consumer printer owners that may be on a budget or those that just like saving some money. An ink refill kit can greatly extend the life of a printer ink cartridge if the cartridge is refilled before the ink cartridge is completely empty. (more…)